Huckleberry Finn

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1.)I was outside of Widow Douglass house when i saw some familiar footprints in the snow. As soon as i saw them i new who's they belonged to, it had to be pap. I knew it was Paps because he had a cross imprinted in his heel of his shoe because he believed that kept away the devil. I reckoned that he was coming back and he wasn't really dead and drowned like everyone else told me. I reckon hes back to get my money. I dont like pap he used to beat me when i was in his care and showed no intrest in me. I recon hes going to show up soon so i better get rid of my money. I am going to go to the bank and give it away.

2.) What i suspected turned out to be right. Pap was back. I came back to the Widow Douglass house and went up stairs and there he was waiting for me, Pap. To my own surprise i wasn't that afraid of him, not like how I used to be. He started asking me all of these questions like if i think im better then him and if i can read and write. He also asked if i've been going to School, he claims that hes seen me go. I told him that i have been going to school and yes i can read and write. He told me to read something for him so i grabbed a book out of my table and started to read a line and when he saw i could he was furious he told me if he ever sees me go to school again he'll make sure thats the last. He told me that no one in his family was educated so he shouldn't be and he asked me if i thin im better then him and i said no. Then he asked me if i had any one and i told him no but he didnt believe me and he made me give him all of the money out of my pocket. He took my money and went into town and i reckon he spent it all on alcohol.

3.) One day Pap came along and too me away from The widow Douglass. He basically id napped me. He took me and brought me to his little house n the woods. He took me there and locked me in his house all day when he left to do whatever he does probably drink or steal. Sometimes when he was drunk he would beat me especially when he was drunk. I have to admit that by and by i was getting used to the no worrys life. I was sick of trying to become civilized, it really bothered me trying to be civilized. I liked fishing al day and being outside and not having to wear a tight shirt and be in and eat dinner at the same time everyday. I might have been able to get used to this.

4.) I was getting really mad and bored with pap becaquse he locked me in his house all day. It was mighty boring in there, i had nothing to do but stare at the wall. And when he came back he would be drunk and he would beat me. So one day he told me to go to the river and put out a rod. So i did. Whjen i was at the river i saw a canoe all by itself. So i took it and i came up with an idea to escape from Pap. This was what i did. When Pap left i cut away a piece of the wall to make a little tunel that led outside. I cut a whole and got a pig and Spread the blood where i would be. Then i hacked the door open with an axe and started to chop whetre i would be sleeping. It looked like i had been murdered by a robber because then i stole some of the food. Pap and everyone would belive it too because i told him the night before that someone had tryed to break in.

5.) My plan had seemed to work i draged the pig to make it look like i was dragged to the river in the opposite direction i was heading. I took the canoe and i padled down thje river a few miles until i came apon an island of which i went onto. I searched around the river and made a fire in a good spot. I slept and when i was awoken by the shots of cannons. There was a farry shooting cannons to try to find me in the river. I hid and i watched it go by. On the farry was pap and the widow and miss watson and tom sayer and his aunt. They were looking over the edge trying to find me. I was so close i could hear them. they went by and that was over. I searched around the island all day and found some food and set up some hoosk in the river to catch some fish. At night i went looking threw the island again and i saw a camp fire. I went close up to see who it was and it was Jim!