Inherit the wind


The book is about a man named Burt Cates bein in trial. Hes a school teacher. The story takes place in a little town called Hillsboro. In this town all the people are very religious. Burt Cates was put on trial because he taught evolution in his class room which is forbidden and illegal. At the start mostly everyone in hillsboro is against Cates and evolution. Brady who was a runner for president 3 times and lost all 3 comes into town and everyone in the town welcome him like hes a king. Then a man nammed Drummond comes into town to defend Cates. Everyone in the town hates Drummond and calls him the devil because he is know to get guilty people off the hook. The trial goes on and some pople start to side with Cates and Drummond. Then the jury said that Cates is uilty but only has a fine of $100. All the citizens are outraged. The trail is ended but then Brady starts feelin sick. Brady callapses and they brin him to a doctor. Sevel minutes later Brady was pronounced dead. Rachael and Cates both move away together and hornbeck and Drummond go there seperate ways.


What i like about the book is that it was a good story. I thought that because it was suspencefull because i didnt know what was goin to happen to Cates. I liked the character Drummond because he was a really god lawyer and did some really good clever quick thinking things like how he put Brady on the stand and asked him all those questions. I also liked the ending because i was woundering how the book was going to end and i thought the author wouldnt be able to come up with a good ending and i hate when books are ruind because i dont like the ending. I also liked how the book was set up in a play like way. I didnt really dislike anything about the book. I kind of wanted it to go on longer like show the case go onto the supreme court but thats not that bad.

What can we learn from reading this book?

What we can learn from reading this book is that even if youir wrong you should strill do what you think. Like how Cates taught evolution even though it was illegal but he thoght it was the right thing to do.

How do we handle our individual differences?

People usualy handle their differences by either not bein together or working together. Some people will fight verbally or physically. But some people will work it out in a nice way and find a way to get along together despite their differences.

Does tolerence equal acceptance?

When you tolerate someone its when you will put up with the person or thing but you dont like it. So if you put up with something that you dont like maybe you are accepting it, but you dont like it.

Can we tolertae someone/something without agreeing with them/it?

We can tolerate someone without agreeing with them but when you tolerate something you put up with it but you dont like it. So you could tolerate them and disagree with them if you just put up with it and dont say anything or do anything.

Characterization of Henry Drummond

The characterization of Henry Drummond reveals the theme that appearance is not always reality. All of the town’s people in Hillsboro have prejudice against Henry Drummond. They don’t know him, but they hate him. They call him things like the devil or an agent of darkness. Brown said” We won’t let him in our town” (27). Brown also said “Why would God make such a man, but perhaps he was a creature of the devil perhaps the devil himself’ (28). As the book progresses the town’s people of Hillsboro started to tolerate Henry Drummond. The town’s people started to tolerate him near the end of the trial because they saw what he did and what he was capable of doing. “The crowd seems to be slipping away from Brady and aligning itself more on Drummond” (94), shows that from that part of the trial the people start to side with Drummond and Cates. The crowd was going in Drummond’s side because he was making them understand that they should have the right to believe in what you want. As the book progressed the town’s people of Hillsboro started to see who Drummond really was and they got a chance to see what he is capable of doing.

Reflection on Paragraph- It was interesting writing about Henry Drummond because hes a really interesting guy. He was probably one of my favorite characters because he stood out so much in everything he did. Pretty easy to write, but i was new with the MLA format, so that was a little chalenging, but writing it was mostly pretty easy.