Two men are traveling around finding jobs. Ones name is George and the other is Lennie. Lennie is mentally handicap and George takes care of him basically. Lennie has an obsession with soft things. Lennie is constantly getting George in trouble. At the last ob they had in Weed Lennie wanted to feel this girls dress so he did and the girl started screaming and went and told and they set out to lynch Lennie so him and George had to run and hide in a ditch. He never means any harm to them but he somehow gets into trouble and George has to get him out of it. George and Lennie go to a new ranch where they hope to stay and build up a stake for there dream ranch. Lennie is obsessed with tending the rabbits at this dream ranch they want to buy. They get to the new ranch and meet the people: Candy, Slim, Curley, the boss and Curleys wife. Curley picks on lennies as soon as they arrive. George told Lennie not to even get near him because he is trouble he also says the same thing about Curleys wife because she gives the impression of a Tart. Candys dog is old and carlson is tired of having to smell the old dog so he basically forces candy to let him shoot his dog. One day curley was looking for his wife and he thought Slim was with his wife so he got mad but Slim really wasnt so Curley made himself look dumb for accusing and he saw lennie smiling to himself about the ranch but curley thought it was at him so he punches lennie in the face a few times and George told Lennie to fight back so he did and he grabbed Curleys arm and broke every bone in his hand. So George and Lennie wouldnt get canned Slim made Curley promise to tell everyone that he got it stuck in a machine. Candy over hears them talking about the ranch and he says that he will put in all the money he has which is about half so George and lennie let him in on there dream house ranch. There dream seems to actually start to become a reality. Lennie was in the barn and trying to hide the puppy he got he killed it and he was getting mad because he thought since he kiled it George wouldn’t let him tend the rabbits then Curley’s wife comes into the barn and starts talking to Lennie and telling him stuff no one else knows like how she was going to be in the movies then they start talking about Lennie liking soft things and she says my hair is soft you can touch my hair so Lennie does and he really like sit so he grabs onto it really hard and she panics and yells and tells him to let go but he didn’t know what to do, he kept telling her to be quiet and started shaking her and in the whole mess he broke her neck. Lennie realizes hes done a really bad thing and he remeberes that George told him if he does anything bad to go hide in the brush where they had slept one night so he goes there. Candy finds her dead and tels george and George makes it look like he doesn’t know so they wont think he was in on it. candy tells the men and come to the conclusion that lennie killed her. They make a search party for him and George steals Carlsons lugar without anyone knowing. George knows exactly where he is so he goes there and finds lennie in the bursh he talks to lennie and tells him hes not mad at him and comforting him for what hes about to do, george tells lennie about the dream and makes him happy and then shoots him right before the other men come. Slim is the only one that uinderstands what George did.

Likes- Really good read, I couldn’t stop reading it. One of the most favorite books I have read.
Dislikes- Its a little sad but thats part of the story
What can we learn- Friendship and what a man needs to do, Kindness.

Essential questions

1.) It’s important because who wants to be un successful and not have a good comfortable life.
2.) Its very important it can make a man go crazy, we all need someone to talk to and agree with.
3.) You share things in common you have to have trust and your good friends for a long time, you care for each other
4.) They don’t really encourage either your on your own basically but most people have a family and there’s not much segregation anymore like what happened to crooks in the book.