Huckleberry Finn is a 12 year old boy. He used to live with his father but he turned into a drunk and beat and didn’t care for Huck. So The Widow Douglass took Huck in as her own and took care of him with her sister Miss Watson. Huck doesn’t really like living with the widow Douglass and miss Watson because he doesn’t like being 'civilized'. He likes to be free and not have to worry about waking up early. One of his friends name is Tom Sawyer who is very imaginative and comes up with a lot of farfetched stories. He joins a gang that Tom Sawyer started of which they all had to swear an Oath to. Tom knows that his dad is coming because he saw his foot steps in the snow if his boot. Huck finds his dad hiding hid his room one night. The judge makes Huck live with his dad because they are family. Then Huck is sent back with the widow when the judge sees how Pap really is and can never change the way he is. But Pap ends up kidnapping Huck and bringing him to his own ' house'. Huck locks Huck in the house. Huck makes a plan to make it look like he got murdered so he could get away from everyone and start his own new life. So he makes it look like someone broke in the house and killed him by leaving pig blood and leaving a track. but really Huck finds a canoe and goes to Jackson island. Huck is living there a few days when he finds Jim has escaped and living on the island also! Jim tells him how he ran away the night he faked his death. Huck and Jim find out that they are looking for Jim because they think Jim was the one that killed Huck and have an award to whoever finds him. Huck finds this out by dressing up as a girl and going into town and talking to Mrs. Loftus. So Jim and Huck get the plan to raft down the Mississippi river to Cairo where they could catch a fairy up north to the free states.

Likes- Very interesting story that makes me want to keep reading it. Huck and Jim have good adventures.
Dislikes- Sometimes it gets confusing to read and some of Jims words are hard to understand but it makes it more realistic

What can we learn From the reading?
I learned how blacks were treated even though how close of friends they are. what its like to raft down the Mississippi river.

Essential Questions
1.) Huck wants to find out who he really is,
2.) he starts viewing him as a person with feelings. He still thinks a little that he is property.
3.) He might think its normal. He made slavery realistic for the time period of the book.
4.) The dialect makes the book a lot more realistic.